Solis Occasus

by Of Modern Architecture

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released August 9, 2013

All music written and performed by Of Modern Architecture. Recorded and mixed by Curtis Buckoll and Mark McKitrick at Rain City Recorders. Mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders. Artwork by Gurdeep Khurall.



all rights reserved


Of Modern Architecture Vancouver, British Columbia

Based in Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2012. Widely influenced music inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia. Art fueled by a constructive aggression.

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Track Name: Aphelion
"Now recording transmission one of the SV Ex Humanus, upon desertion of Earth's gravitational field. The end is here. Humanity has been lost. The few survivors remaining on the planet have no hope, God has deserted us. There's nothing to live for anymore. We flee in attempt to find something more; heading towards the sun. All too concerned with the aesthetic, without regard for what really matters. What they don't understand, is that humanity is a disease. We're a virus. End of transmission."

Searching for the sunrise,
This vast ethereal plane I'm lost within
A sense of longing, a subterfuge,
Created in the cold

Eyes open but I still cant see
Searching for purpose in what you call home
Lost in the void, create a new reality
Distract myself, from myself

Float away, we're heading towards destiny

Heart kept at bay, by a fear derived from within
On a course to nowhere, alter my path...
On a course to nowhere, alter my path...

Peering eyes of the universe calling my name,
Urging in conflicting tones

Confused and alone,
Weight of what feels like a thousand
Worlds on my shoulders


Knighted by the light of a thousand
A new blood burns in my veins,
Oh, it burns in my veins
Eyes wide set with purpose
Track Name: Mechanical Bloodlines
Rise; blood in the water, ink diluted. A past shadowed in doubt, a lack of recognition. Transparent and hollow. I'm floating through your broken story, created for my misinterpretation.

Bathed in chaos, with confusion comes the catalyst. A rage born in deprivation. Your word, devoid of affection. Frozen forever, frozen together.

My fingers begin to bleed, clawing my way out of this hole seems impossible. Losing my will to fight, a solitude I find inside the mystery that is myself. Discovery leading to recognition. This is your trial, this is your destruction. Cut deep so the truth may flow, bleed red, long and slow.

The morning was cold, my life was innocent. The signing of a page, a fracture never to heal. Oh, the ache in my bones... the ache in my bones. Mechanical bloodlines. Say goodnight to the sun, say goodnight to the son.
Track Name: They Spoke Their Last...
Shadows haunt my every step, silhouettes reminding that I am the source of pain in others. I have caused this, a result of my own selfish needs. No regard, and now, a crippling silence like a knife. A love like gunpowder.

What have I done? Regret...

Stumbling in the dark, in a storm. Unable to see, or even feel, each part as a whole.

"You're holding on to things long dead, let it go. This will destroy you."

I try to drown my sorrows, but it seems that they swim well. These endeavours only ever lead to failure and self-destruction.

Whispered across the narrows of her gentle breath, reflected in the depths, her eyes of glass. She is the sombre sleep of winter's night, the gripping cold of death's first kiss. And I remember the last she spoke to me.

Now, standing at the edge of it all seems somewhat surreal. Body and mind detached, as if seeing myself through your eyes, and it's cold.

Am I a good man?

I speak in tongues to mask the message, and I drink to my annihilation.
Track Name: A Mathematical Demonstration Of Infinity
"Transmission... translation...

The truth is, everything decays. There is no exception. Be it time, space... the human mind. There is no exception. Time, the great teacher, always kills her subjects in the end. We're all within the reach of erosion, caught in the current, slowly wasting away. Cerebral decay.

There is no truth."
Track Name: ... And Then They Were Silent
These are all symptoms of a much greater issue. A diseased organ, beyond repair, pumping apathy through the extent of it's mangled body; I'm barely breathing.

Words of hope are so far off, a lighthouse in the distance. We will tear ourselves apart reaching for the memory. Separated by turbulent waves; gravitational tendencies.

We're a fucking cancer, intimacy has never been so wretched and false. Concerned only with the aesthetic; lend no hope to those in need. An anesthetic to keep what really matters down in the undertow. Acting controller and willing subject to mental command, but these ripples echo out into forever.

Cerebral decay, malcontent breeds illusion. The senses are malleable, our minds... Euclidean...

"We are scattered and confused. Growing... spreading... and consuming. Religion has destroyed faith, government has destroyed freedom, education has destroyed knowledge. Yet I am alone and without hope. Stumbling in the dark, in a storm. We're a cancer, we'll destroy ourselves."

... And action yields reaction yields reaction. Bind eyes wide.

Bright lights again frame your face. Eyes restless behind their lids. The face of death stares so wickedly. Blind eyes wide. Yet every feature etched so sharply, beneath the cold unforgiving white. The rise and fall of your chest. We've done this to ourselves. Instinct; consume and move on. If only we could see ourselves now; a parable.

Consume and move on. Why...

Blind eyes wide.