by Of Modern Architecture

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released February 8, 2015

All music written and performed by Of Modern Architecture. Recorded by Mark McKitrick at Rain City Recorders. Mixed by Curtis Buckoll at Rain City Recorders. Mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders. Photography by Luke Gram (Man&Camera). Layout and design by Jesse Wood.



all rights reserved


Of Modern Architecture Vancouver, British Columbia

Based in Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2012.

Widely influenced music inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia. Art fueled by a constructive aggression.

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Track Name: Savages
No words are exchanged. A shadow and its cursed embrace. The way it moves and pushes into you. Hands clench and eyes close. The way its lips caress your neck and its arms pull you close.

A dance of candlelight on the walls. A constant flicker of movement. Silhouette of the beast, so alluring, we lose ourselves and it all falls apart. Shapes that haunt my dreams.

“This continues for many minutes, but seems slowed and drawn to hours in my head.”

Then, sharp breaths, inhale. With words doused in liquor you claim that this is love. Your intimacy has spoiled, like rot in the sun. A sudden thrust. A crying out, followed by cold silence. The night’s a blur and sweat stings the eyes; so hard to us for what we are... savages.

I fucking hate myself.

Now aware of stained sheets and cast off clothes, scattered about the room. Moonlight lends shape to the now motionless pair of bodies.

So close, but so alone. Why now? No words are exchanged.

"How pathetic, wretched and false"
Track Name: Vita Mortem
Leave this place. You’re not welcome here...

Constantly caught in the sweat of sleepless nights. Two thousand voices screaming: a diplomatic cacophony; a choir without harmony. Run away; we create our own monsters and there’s no escaping. Left to doubt the very flesh on my bones. Fed from the mouth of deceit.

Drown it out with the air in my lungs. Repeat.

Slice the lids from my eyes, I can’t hide from this anymore. Shackled and weighted, my children cry,
“we are the blood under the fingernails of those who are weak, the wounds on the backs of those who are whipped.” I am disarray, the embodiment of suffering. Their tombs surround me. March into forever.

One by one, all my past demons crawl back into the room. They surround me, just out of focus, but I feel the stare of their feral eyes and the warmth of their breath on my neck. The pulse beneath my skin. I beg, not like this... not like this. They grin and devour me.

I loved you, but I can’t believe in anything anymore.
Track Name: Bearskin
Beg for hope ‘cause she’s been lost at the bottom of a bottle. The burning in the back of my throat is never enough to burn away the memory of you. I'm on the fucking floor, lying in a pool of my self-doubt. Now it's time for you to learn your lesson, you'll never know...

Shot mother. Shot brother. Shot father.

Enough to comfort and enough to kill. It’s mighty lonely in a kingdom of your own design. Who says family is forever?
Track Name: Cave Dweller
Spineless creature, crawling through life. You carve your history into the walls, scared of being forgotten. Blood pours from your lips as you feed, reflecting your notions of the world.

Pride is a whore that you’ve clung to for many years. Take and take and take. Certainty is a mask worn to conceal fear. The mouth spews disease, with nothing to say. A flood of language, attempts to fill their ears and empty their minds. Meaningless motion, searching for truths where none will be found. Condescender, rediscover integrity. Find a place to sheath your sword and tear out your throat. I will not be shepherded into complacency.

A land of bones long picked dry, like this kingdom underfoot you've become cold. Malicious intent... gold teeth bear a shit-eating grin. I hope you stay confident, because in this burrow you were born, and in this burrow you will die alone.

Dig deep, into the dark. Cave dweller, embrace the collapse.
Track Name: The Trees Are Awakening
The trees are awakening. Root and branch reach forth with an ageless wrath.

“Anger festers in their hearts. Black are their thoughts. Strong is their hate. They will harm you if they can.”
Track Name: Mountains
A crowded room that's filled with whispers, waiting for things to change. Faces come and go, yet mine remains. I am afraid, afraid of change. To see this world in a different light. And although I fear, I am willing to try, to rise from the depths. It's in quiet moments like this that I search for guidance, for you, for a hand to lead me home.

Chased by ghosts, down these empty halls.
Chased by ghosts, in my head.

I can hear you inside of me, tearing and clawing through, begging to be let out. Collective, begin a dissection of our fears. Permeate our flesh and take residence within our minds.

We near the summit, our eyes transfix. Fear us, we're climbing step by step. Hand over hand and step by step, let the wind cut and gnaw down to the bone. As the skin of the old is shed to the new, the blood will freeze. And yet, we're closer now than ever before.

Now here, we see only a reflection of the men we once were. A shadow of once greater form. And I see nothing but filth.

Be still, never again will you walk with a crooked spine.

This room no longer bears our name, all whispers damped into nothing, no bearing on our present state. Free from poison, we breathe as one.

We're out of the wilderness, and I've never felt so at home.