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released May 10, 2019

All music written and recorded by Of Modern Architecture. Engineered by Tim Creviston at Creativ Music Centre and Santo's Studio. Additional engineering by Nick Savoie. Produced by Nick Savoie and Of Modern Architecture. Additional production by Tim Creviston. Mixed and mastered by Jamie King. Layout and design by Taylor Bourque. Photography from "Beautiful Destruction" by Louis Helbig.


all rights reserved



Of Modern Architecture Vancouver, British Columbia

Based in Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2012. Widely influenced music inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia. Art fueled by a constructive aggression.

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Track Name: Burial Womb
Here we sit, in a hollow shell. The footsteps of the fathers, we sit in filth.

We leeched our poisons deep into her soil. We extinguished her beauty. The days grew dark until we found death.

Slow, we asphyxiate the unified lung.

We felt her heave under the weight; sickness descended and we did nothing. We swung the axe. Blood on our hands. Death by design, our forests have burned.

Here we sit on a mountain of ash; a monument to our inhumanity. Clipped wings and shattered teeth tied to pieces of string: a noose.

The children, we hung their bones like trophies. Within we found the rot we could not hide.

Crawl forth from the shadows, we've soiled this womb with death. Black blood spilled until she breathed her last.
Track Name: Ritual of the Black Blood
Sick and wicked thoughts manipulate my mind. They creep up from the undertow and drip down my throat. Fingers grip and claw the soil, a hunger not easily quenched. The world is what drives me. Masochistic by design, I lust for the black that pours from her veins. Fear me, for I am the end. Fear the onslaught, a depraved chaos found within the very waters of our nature. A longing for power, fuel for the flame. We desecrate the body until nothing remains. Cut out the eyes, sever the tongue (I can't survive here). Hate as normality fed to the young. She can no longer sustain this torment. Run from the issues, hide behind your walls. Catastrophic damage as the blood pours forth. The psyche is rent asunder. A disgusting display of force. To the mines. The shadows of those that you've wounded haunt your steps. The bodies of those you've defiled lay drowned in tar. Her body is trembling. Black blood speaks to our perversions as we bleed her dry. What have we become?
Track Name: Parasitic Isolation
Continuation is the killer, we will be our own demise. Stand together, watch her wither, as the waves soon will dry. The waters are rising, filling the lungs with each breath. This is no anecdote, the mind is bound to fail. Saving in face, failing in grace. Now watch from the sidelines as devils swirl in, again and again. Pick at the scraps, let loose the nets. Continue to feed. This is the break, cry psychotic, Sinking deeper. Landmass falls to the aquatic hunger. Mental sleeper. Ritualistic toxins, in pools aged in slick, coat the surface with the principles of greed. Now we covet things, to enjoy brief life then throw away. The mass grows larger. We're suffocating, we're drowning, we're barely holding on. I need to breathe. Cerebrospinal fluid consumes the brain. As all goes cold, the arms of the ocean become your grave. Release to me. Stay calm, we're still rotting, my child. We cannot survive here, the waters have run too deep. Blood fills our lungs as death, she slowly creeps. Parasitic isolation, this will no longer be our home. No light, no hope, we sink into despair. Parasite, release your hold of me. I can't survive here, release the cold from me. I can't.
Track Name: Overburden
Our machines, they dig into the dirt and break the soul. Culling the life and destroying everything pure and whole.

Rapists, pillagers, remove your hooks from my skin. Tar, concrete, you clog my once secluded veins. I hope you never find peace knowing the ruin you breathe. Overburden. Death is the hellscape you create.

Snap the limbs and tear the flesh. Rip. Burn. Leave nothing left to forage. I want savagery, I want death. This is our design.

Here we lay, this depth of shame mankind will never know. Here we lay, in the grave we dug ourselves. Here we lay, in our grave that grace could never find.

Our machines feel nothing, soulless and cold, ripping and tearing. A warrior cry, the shadow of the beast. The sanctuaries will rot. The creature needs its meat. We are the burden, watch the ancients fall. We are the burden.

Her eyes then open and in them I see all the beauty and violence in the world. Happiness from the suffering of others. As we shed this mortal coil, all that's left is a lust for more space, more blood, more war. No more.
Track Name: Miscarriage
There is no more room in this world for filth. A cold so pure that it turns the most hardened frail. Like stained glass, stare on with warped perception. The child was rejected, now watch as the mother weeps. Pick and choose, a fight we can't lose. At least, that's what they told us. Light your fires and start your machines - our murderous industry. The uterine lining - now blackened with tar - forever failing, baptized in oil, and bathed in the blood. A child no longer breathing. The seed was neglected, the womb begins to rot. Harvest the flesh once more. In sacred ground, drive the knife deeper. A burial. The seed was rejected, a tomb forever sought. Dig deep, the grave. Death was the only way. Failed creation.

Now standing at the gravesite, at the feet of death, the people wonder why. What went wrong? Why does everything we touch have to die? The lips of eternity peel back to reveal the darkness before them. And from its mouth there looms nothing but silence.
Track Name: Cult of Avarice
Wasteful cretins, you've fouled my bones. I feel you in every inch - you still beg for more. The channels will rise, the flood will be swift. Soon you will float with detritus. Become one with filth, this is your gift: permanent sickness.

Close your eyes, I'm still here, the god you created. Vomit forth your lies and your sins. There's no forgiveness. The blade sharp, ready for evisceration. It's what we deserve. The blade sharp, ready for evisceration. The corpses are purged.

The scent of death is carried on the winds of change. Corruptors, raise your flag at the top of the trash heap. Lay claim to that which you own: a sickness, bought and sold. Oh god, the fucking irony, as if this is progression.


I'm beginning to see through the blood and the haze. Accept your fate.


I don't owe you shit, embrace the grave. A catatonic end. Sitting in pestilence. Bring them suffering. The rider is here. Plague child, you've made your own sick demise. Taste the blood of man.
Track Name: Adapt || Mitigate
Grief awoken inside this shell. Every day, stare at the mirror until a cold, lifeless solitude reaches out from the abyss and strangles your heart. There's a suffering that lives just beneath the surface. Wake up. Die. Repeat. Feel the shadow tugging at my feet. Wake up. Die. Repeat.

Not this time. Not this time.

Don't cross my heart, just hope to die. Feel the lonely creeping of deceit. There's nothing I can do to escape.

This time. It's always this time.

This is human failure. I am that which I hate. I'm not who I want to be. Return to the warmth of this tomb of consciousness and sink deep. This pain is real. Fading into nothingness. Do you see me now? A wounded fucking animal, limping away. Love has abandoned me.

Withered but not gone, we will nourish the wound. The healing has just begun. Hold fast, the storm has weathered these bones with years of sins that are not your own. Hands, outstretched, welcome you home. Wake up, feel the sun. A warmth not fully forgotten. A toxic imbalance will not be a death sentence. Day by day I will ride into these flames. These lies die here. I will conquer.
Track Name: Frail Chest
Mother, we cry. Hear this, our plea. Cast out; we've lost our way. Only the shapes remain.

My child, I'm here in grief but I'm broken. Captive. No more; the time has come for growth and change. Release. Nobody loves me the way you do, nobody hurts me the way you do. I'm so far gone, just too far gone. Something wicked this way came and went, and left nothing but death in its path. We're all alone. Nothing to redeem. There is a rot in the core of our being. So we cast ourselves in iron and hide the dark.

Mother, I can't hear your voice. We failed, oh god, how we failed. Mother, hear this please. We were just children, lost and afraid. Ignorance has become our deathbed.
Track Name: Arm's Length
Running from pain, again and again, I hold myself at arm's length to distract from what I'm feeling. The spectre grieves, a loss bereaved. They'll never see. The scent of skin, warm and true, the feel of your breath fading. This eternity is waiting. Now I must leave, each step a mile, this death divine. Ride with me into the arms of grief. No more suffering, I need this to end. No more suffering, rend this from my chest. I want no more of this. I can't love anything. I need to leave this place. Failing in everything. When I sleep I see your face. Time slows to a crawl and I displace. I'm still trying to find a way to keep from setting myself on fire. So I crawl into the ashes and let the smoke set me free. You're dead to me.
Track Name: Matricide
Arise into the new world order; a hellscape of ash and ruin. They'll atone for the sins that they commit. Blood will runs in the streets and the masters will be paid. Flesh and blood on this grave; a reflection of what's gone. Blood will run in the streets and the masters will be paid. The corpses, they grow into rotted flora. A sacred desecration in the world we made. Give no quarter, rip the skin from their fucking bones. Mounted by their viscera, the monolith nears completion.

The ships have sailed and sank. The towers rose and fell. Blood was spilled, and yet the wounds never healed.

A map of scars, torn into the purest of flesh. Finally, the weight is felt. A dire end to a blackened parade. A macabre desolation. Hung and blindfolded with axe in hand, screaming for freedom from nothingness. We stand and stare into the sun. Burnt irises reflect all that's lost. In this fading glow, we see what we truly were: a parasite, crawling deeper into the bile. In the dark, we finally heard her cry.

See me here, this dire wound is a reminder that I am broken beyond repair. All alone, you left me in my infancy. Now I know why this has come to pass. Now a grave filled with pain and the ruin of all that I had tried to proliferate. All alone, you left me in your naivety. These are the shadows you now must bear. You claim there was no warning, you speak in tongues of surprise. My child, you wore your indifference with pride. There is no light down here, just whispers and lies. I held on as long as I could, but the cost is too great and a payment must be made. Suffer. An eye for an eye.

Prepare those who crave meat. Now the gates have opened, witness the birth of nothingness. Come forth, here is the absence of light unlike anything you've ever known. Shadows creep across pale walls, as the final embers flicker. Impending dark, this sliver final. The beasts will feed, a lust that's carnal. The eyes, they flash, the teeth glint white. What last you saw, this eternal night.

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